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The Long Tale of Tears and Smiles, An Oncologist's Journey

During my nearly twenty-six years of practicing medicine, I have been with so many people in their last moments of life. Death is an unavoidable part of my work as an oncologist, where caring for patients involves both treatment plans designed to put cancer into remission, and others that are intended to make the inevitable as uncomplicated and pain-free as possible. To save a life is a wonderful, joyous thing, but there is much worth considering in the lives that are lost too, and we can honor those who die by trying to find some meaning from the very end of their lives. I have found that in terminal cancer cases, death is the moment when people are finally able to find a moment of calm. It struck me the very first time when, as an intern, I counted a man’s pulse beats as they slowed and finally stopped. The moment when it ended looked peaceful, but only because I arrived with death—not before. In facing our mortality for the first time that night, it was clear that there was nothing to fear in the last breath, even if I couldn’t know what happened after it was gone. To die is easy. What comes before is the hard part—the pain, the loss of dignity, the looming unknown. Death’s beforemath, as you might call it, is where our humanity is laid bare. For a doctor, what happens just before death presents the challenge of combining the scientific with philosophical. For in the moments before death—moments that can, in some cases, be drawn out for years—the knowledge I have as an oncologist converges with more philosophical concerns and questions about the meaning of life and existence. Each person’s approach to the end of life is as unique as they are, and each person’s journey contains unexpected lessons. In that space between life and death, my profession thrives. In that space, I realize the meaning of my, and our existence.

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Global Collective takes to heart Booker Prize winner Ben Okri’s assertion that “stories can conquer fear… they can make the heart bigger.”Global Collective Publishers seeks unique and extraordinary literature that satiates our desire to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us and to discover points of commonality amongst our differences where words have no borders.

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