Atul Kulkarni

From a very early age Atul Kulkarni was drawn to spirituality, and by the age of fifteen he was well versed in the subjects of astrology, numerology and palmistry. It was then that he starting reading the horoscopes of his friends, relatives, and neighbors, successfully and accurately predicting their paths.

Kulkarni’s faith and compassion in humanity also led him to complete a degree in civil engineering, after which he was involved in numerous construction projects between 1991 and 2015.  All throughout his civil engineering career he continued to be guided in astrology, Vastushastra, and numerology. But it was not until the tragedy of his father’s death in 2012 that he realized that he must pursue a career in traditional eastern medicine. It was during this period that he became acquainted with alternative therapies such as Sujok therapy, acupressure, color therapy, and Reiki healing. He went on to complete a diploma in Ayurvedic Accupressure Therapy which permitted him to successfully treat many who suffered from a variety of ailments. However, in 2015 he came to realize that his true calling was in the areas of astrology, Vastushastra, numerology, and Sujok.

Since this time Kulkarni has effectively guided and counseled thousands of patients to better states of health. Along with his medical practice, Mr. Kulkarni writes blogs, weekly horoscopes, and various articles on astrology. And as for the Corona virus, his April 2020 prediction appears to be coming true.